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31 coming up, time for some changes

I decided that since i'm hitting my first year in the thirties. It is about time to rebrand myself and work on personal branding. And this quote in the picture above fits the theme I am going for to a… Read More →


Seriously People! Pt.2

“i before e except after c” I’m sure you’ve all heard this so-called rule before. Think back to when you were in school, in English class with that old grumpy teacher who smelled of dust and old cigars. Remember he used to always drill… Read More →


Smoking Ban Hits Kuwait – Now Might be the Time to Quit Tobacco

If you missed the news, Kuwait recently enforced a public smoking ban. Public opinion is growing against tobacco smoke, and for good reason. Quite simply - it's bad for you. Although the tobacco industry is still big business, recent indications… Read More →


New video is out check it out @kuppets_q8

lol this is Funny check it out the Kuppets are in town :)… Read More →


Project X : Season 2

The date is 21 of March 2014, its the second annual memory of Project X competition. Where bloggers and media activists battle it up in the kitchen - to the death !, well thats how i feel it should be… Read More →


101 Things I Learned in Culinary School : book review

Three key words; informative, to the point and short read. I’m humbled about the fact how much ignorant at the universe of food processing and restaurants I am. This book clearly is an eye opener. Contrary to American authoring trends… Read More →



I gotta admit I have been slacking lateley, but now that the big event I was working on is over. The real work is going to start. problem is I figured out is, you should not to burn yourself out… Read More →


Stone Grill: Menus

Stone Grill just opened at the Menus restaurant Complex near the Hilton Mangaf. This was the first visit for me to be here at Menus and really happy about Stone Grill being the place that invited UrbanQ8. Reasons you should… Read More →


Life so Far

I know its been a while but for the past month I have been planning an event that would be done soon. Took a lot of my time and planning. Everything was hectic but a good experience nonetheless. Good news… Read More →


Gulf Food Exhibition: Yes ! i’m Going !

Yes ! gulf food exhibition is just around the corner. I'm wasting no effort preparing my travel bag and other gear to drive all the way to Dubai just to attend this annual event. I planning to meet and identify… Read More →

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